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Woodstove Glass & Gasket Installations

Inside Cole Harbour Glass

Cole Harbour Glass Limited is one of the few businesses that handle woodstove glass. Many stores will cut the glass for you, but not replace or install it. For the ultimate convenience, our professionals replace both your glass and gasket at the same time. Visit our store for more information.

Why Replace the Gasket?

When replacing your woodstove glass, it is very important that the glass gasket is also replaced. This is not only to seal the glass, but also to protect your glass. It is also very important that the gasket around your glass is replaced every one to two years.

The gasket around woodstove glass wraps around the edge of the glass to protect it from any metal that may touch it. It is a very common mistake to put a round gasket that is found in many local hardware stores under the glass. This will only cause breakage or pressure cracks of your glass.

Find Gaskets at Cole Harbour Glass Limited

Cole Harbour Glass Limited carries two types of flat gaskets for woodstove glass, as well as seven sizes of round door gaskets. The flat gasket has a tape for easy installation on the glass, and the door gasket requires gasket cement of high heat silicone, both of which we carry. You can also find cleaners for woodstove glass and gas fireplaces along with fire starter for pellet stoves.

We recommend bringing the door right to us. We have been servicing woodstove doors for twenty years.

About NeoCeram™

Cole Harbour Glass Limited installs woodstove glass doors made of NeoCeram™. NeroCeram™ is not glass, but a transparent ceramic 3/16” or 5mm thick. This glass-like ceramic can withstand temperatures of up to 1470°F (700°C). NeoCeram™ has a low expansion so there is no fear of destruction from high heat or variation in temperature.


Visit us in the Burnside Industrial Park.

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