Candock – Modular Floating Systems: Sturdy and Safe

At Cole Harbour Glass Limited, our division Cole Harbour Floats carries Candock plastic docks. Candock provides a lifetime warranty to a twenty year guarantee. They are virtually maintenance-free, deterioration proof, and simple to assemble.

Candock’s plastic docks are made up of sturdy cubes that can be connected to create a diverse array of docks: any size and any shape to fit your needs.

A Revolution in Boat Lifts

Candock offers a boat lift system far larger and more stable than the competitions’ product. The improved distribution of weight allows you the freedom to walk around your boat with ease. Furthermore, our system’s V-shaped entrance point prevents hard impacts and facilitates progressive boarding manoeuvres. Better floatation lets your lift go further.


Some benefits of Candock’s Dock Systems include:

Candock Residential Dock

Unlimited number of potential configurations

The floating cubes allow you to snap in place any type of design to accommodate your shoreline. You can assemble these cubes into whatever shape or size you need.

Candock Residential Dock

Easy assembly & environmentally friendly

No need to make heavy preparations for this dock’s assembly. The system’s components do not oxidize or deteriorate, meaning the environment where your dock is floating stays in a natural state.

Candock Residential Dock

Lightweight, sturdy & safe

Candock has tested its dock systems, keeping a critical eye on safety. Dock stability, high load capacity, anti-skid surface, and no metal features make these dock systems safe for all ages.

Candock Residential Dock

Maintenance-free (100% plastic)

These dock systems are made of 100% plastic and require zero maintenance. Conventional wooden and metal docks need constant upkeep, but Candock systems require a little rinse off and they’re ready to go.

Candock Residential Dock

Pollution & UV resistant

Candock cubes are made up of high-density polyethylene resin which are resistant to impact and climate change, as well as adverse effects of water, the sun, and various chemical products.

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